EP: WHO ARE YOU? (2016)





Are you scared
Are you scared my darling
Don't worry you won't even feel a thing
Don't worry my dear
You have nothing to fear
I won't hurt you like the others
Can't you see 
That you and me
We were meant for each other
I've spent the last few nights
Watching you walk by
And I knew from then on 
That you'd be the one
My love, my queen
You are my everything
My love, my queen
I love it when you scream
Are you scared
Are you scared my darling
Don't worry you won't even feel a thing


I already know that hell awaits me
I might as well go on a killing spree
Kill everyone that I hate
Burn the bridges down so they can't escape
I'm a madman
I'm a psychopath 
You can tell I hate the world from the aftermath of my destruction
This world is putrid
Soon to be ash
You can tell I hate everyone 'cause this was a bloodbath
And it's just the way I like it
And it doesn't matter how hard you try to fight it
You're dead
Soon to be beheaded
I'll whisper my name in your ear
So you'll never forget it
You're worthless
All of you are 
I don't care how long it takes
I'll kill you one by one
Make no mistakes
You're next
I'll be there as you take your last breath
I'm heartless, this is true
 I don't care for the world
I don't care for you
You're dead
Now watch
Now watch as the ash falls to the ground
The most beautiful sound you'll ever hear
Is the world coming to an end
You'll never see me again
The world is coming to an end
I don't care for the world 
I don't care for you
You're dead


She waits for me in hell
What now has, become reality
Was once a fantasy
On the bed tied
Eyes opened wide
As I shove my fist inside
Now she's in a pool of her own blood
She's hardly breathing
Everything was fine 
Everything was alright
But then you had to go and ruin the night
So I ended your life
It's what you deserved 
You should of never said his fucking name
Blood drips from both her lips
As I filled her orifices
Now she's lying so still as I just sit
And think how beautiful she is
Oh, such beauty and grace
I can still taste her from the blood that's on my face
I slowly back away
And comprehend exactly what I've done
Take a look at my hands
And realize they're covered in blood
I can hear the sirens
I can tell they're nigh
So I'll wait here with you my dear
I'll wait until they arrive
I can never let you go
I'll wait until they arrive


Only he remembers death
Creatures wreaking havoc from the portal
But I am fearless
I am immortal
Pull the trigger
Go ahead what are you waiting for
Forget it I'll just pull it myself
Sometimes I see heaven
Sometimes I see hell
But when I open up my eyes I wake up by myself
And it starts all over
I am the only one who can't forget
The feeling is everlasting
I feel it every time
Every time I fucking die
No one understands even when the blood stains my hands
But I will make them see
I can not die
Every time I do I just wake up in my bed
And the day starts over
And no one remembers
In strange aeons
Even death may die 


I can't tell
What's real or fake
I've been awake for so long
I can't tell
the difference between
my dreams and reality
I am lost
Like a creature in the night
I don't know whats going on
I think I lost my mind
I'm a ghost
Nothing but a memory
Never be found
They'll get rid of me
Burn the whole chamber 



Hate roams the earth
Night and day
'Cause that's what we create
Things will never change 
It's something we will not let go
There's more to this than we know
Fate is already set in stone
We're just too fucking late
Things will never change
It's something we will not let go
There's more to this than we know
One last look at the world before I end it
Everything in life taken for granted
This isn't what I want
I didn't plan this
But this is where we're at 
I can't stand it
Feels like we're worlds apart
Two different planets
This isn't the life that I dreamt of
I pictured a place filled with more love
But thats something that I never speak of
I gave this life a try and now I've had enough
Take, take away
Every single thing you gave to me
I don't need your sympathy
The life I live is temporary 
So take
Take it all away
I don't need this life
It's no use to me
We are all to blame for what the worlds become
Endless generations of scum
Now I'm left wondering
Why do I try
Try to survive
When the pain we cause goes on endlessly 
This life I live I've grown to hate 
I blame this all on humanity 
Take my hope and faith
I don't want to be saved
I don't care anymore because this life I live
I've grown to hate




Burn down the place
Where they force feed
Lies and show no sympathy
Watch them as they try to escape
Running around panicking and screaming
Voices grow loud as the fire
Gets higher and higher
Brighter and brighter
Skin peels lives gone
Which is what I wanted all along
And truly desired
This is the end of days
Soon I’ll be thrown away
Breathe in the smoke from the flame
They all fall to the state of
This is the end
Your souls all begin to descend
Toward the depths of hell
And some day mine as well
But until then I watch as the walls cave in
I stand by with a grin
As they suffer because I despise their lives
Never again will they pray
Never again will they
And I despise their lives
Never again will they pray
Never again will they pray
And at the end of it all
I watched it all
I watched it all crumble to dust


(Blood shot eyes)
I’ve been hardly sleeping
(Losing time)
My senses slowly slipping
(Opened eyes)
My mind starts to deceive me
(Every time)
I can’t seem to get a grip
This feeling I have I can’t fix
Something is taking over me
Beginning of my misery
I start to lose my fucking mind
Lost control of everything
Eyes can’t close I’ve hardly blinked
I can’t even run or fucking hide
Exposed to false reality
Panicking as I over think
I feel awry I’m not alright
What is happening
Something’s crawling under
I feel awry I’m not alright
What is happening
Something’s crawling under me
Silhouettes appear then vanish
Right before my eye
Can’t comprehend it so I start to panic
(Breathe in deep)
I think the room is closing
(In on me)
My ears are ringing loudly
(Music creeps)
Hauntingly beautiful
I can’t seem to get a grip
This feeling I have I can’t fix
Something is taking over me
Beginning of my insanity
(It’s only getting louder)
I find myself wondering on the edge
Of despair thinking how did I get here
I find myself wondering on the edge
Of despair thinking how did I get here
I’m seeing things no one should see
I’m hearing things no one should hear
Help me
I’m seeing things no one should see
I’m hearing things no one should hear
Help me
I bash my skull into the fucking wall
I bash my skull until I can’t feel at all


Stay the fuck away
I’m at my breaking point
Come close and you will see
I am something to avoid
This is what you get
You stupid piece of shit
I’ll break your fucking neck
You should of listened
I am beyond stressed
My lifes a goddamn mess
So why should I care if
I have nothing left
Watch your damn step
Don’t fucking test me
I’m close to the edge
So don’t tempt me bitch
I hate everything
I hate everyone
The weight of the world
Always falls on my shoulders
Every time I get right back up I crumble
When I feel I have my balance I stumble
I’m sick of living with this constant struggle 
I find myself tossing and turning
Trying to close my eyes
They’re burning
I can’t seem to sleep
And when I do I dream
of something chasing me
pull out my teeth
I just want to sleep
Stay the fuck away
Don’t even look my way
Its hard to concentrate
When I just want to break everything
I just want to be alone
Don’t you dare come close to me
I don’t want to hurt someone
Unless they bring it out of me
I am at my breaking point
Can’t you see I’m not okay
I don’t want to hurt someone
So please just get the fuck away
Im fucking warning you
I fucking promise you
But it is nothing new
This is the way it’s been
And it makes me sick
I just want to close my eyes
And forget that I exist


There’s something broken
I can feel it inside of me
I can’t resist the urge
To put you through agony
Hate, has taken over me
You’re hoping it’s a dream
But this is reality
You pray for God
But there’s no one answering
Now watch me slip further into insanity
Don’t you ever
Think for a second that you’ll get away
I will never
Let that happen you will die today
I want to see
Exactly how much pain you can take
Making you bleed
I’ll have you screaming until you fucking break
I want you to understand
I’m sick, I’m twisted, I’m fucked in the head
(I don’t)
I don’t feel
(I don’t feel)
I never will
(I don’t)
This world turned me into what I am today
(I don’t feel)
My distaste for life will never change
People like you helped made me like this
Heartless, reckless, careless
I’ve always thrived in darkness
I’ll break you, I hate you, fuck you
No one in this world can save you
You’re hopeless, worthless, helpless
Now sit still so we can start this
First I will break your arms and legs
Twisting and bending them
To reform the human design
Then I will take both my thumbs
And I will dig them into your fucking eyes
And I will rip your tongue right out
Of your god damn mouth
And watch the blood pour down
You should of known there is no God
Because if there was you’d be saved by now
Once you lose your mind
You don’t care who fucking dies
I’ve lost all emotion
(I don’t)
I don’t feel
(I don’t feel)
I never will
(I don’t)
I stand and observe as you bleed out
(I don’t feel)
Another number just got added to the body count
A few more seconds
You’ll be left to rot in this place
You’re slowly fading as death stares you in the face
(I don’t)
You’re pale white
Your body’s weakening
(I don’t feel)
They don’t want to see what I’ve done
It’s sickening


“Before this relapse
Before my mind collapses
Before this relapse
Im at the..”


I fucking hate that
I can't go back
Before this relapse
Before my mind collapses
Yet again
I'm on the edge
Of a cliff
Wondering what
What if i
Decide to die
No goodbye
I'm at the end
Of my life
I can't help but
feel like i
Am always wrong
Dead inside
I can't go on
Not this time
I can't go on
I've watched it all bury me
Can't see the good in anything
Always in disbelief
Pain is such great relief
I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me
I am forever numb
Trying my best but i just can't seem
To forget and overcome
All i have is the pessimist in me
Am I just too far gone
In my eyes this world is obscene
Cold, dark and forever fucked
I just wish that i could close my eyes
Without picturing my own demise
I hope one day there comes a time
Where i can say I'm glad I'm alive
I just wish that day would come now
Sustain me from my thoughts somehow
Can we please just speed up time
I am patient but slowly losing my mind
They say it gets better
But do they know for real
Because it's been years
Can't change how i feel
Am i just too impatient
More than i have thought
I feel like i have waited
For far too long
I try to see positivity in this harsh reality
I try to be the best i can be
But the world is draining me
I lie awake in bed at night
In hope for another life


Walking alone
I come across your brand new home
You thought you got rid of me
Walking upstairs
I find you sleeping and myself as I stare
Things just got interesting
Open your eyes
Standing above you a man who lost his mind
I’ve crossed the borderline of insanity
Taking my time
I stab repeatedly
Digging the blade further than it needs to be
Blood is dripping
Blood is dripping down my face
Soon you will be
Will be in a better place
Taken from me
A final breath you will breathe
A sound so chilling
And yet so satisfying
Death always pollutes my mind
All the fucking time
Without question
Dig out your eyes
No hesitation
Words can’t describe
No explanation
There’s no turning back for me
I can feel it I’m fucking broken
I claim this insanity
This fucked up world tore me open
Complete extermination
Dispose the corpse
Rid the earth of all the remains
This isn’t mere destruction
This is Annihilation
My hands are weak
From all the hacking and sawing to pieces
The outlooks bleak
Eradicate all that was and hope nothing goes missing
No one will know what I’ve done


Eyes open
I see what they don’t
Human beings
Hands nailed closed
They’re following as they weep
Begin the execution hastily
Destroy the remnants of this dying breed
There is no God there’s only misery
Enslave the earth and usher into the dark
Destroying innocence with a fatal touch
Fatal touch
Annihilate everything
Fuck you if you don’t believe
Asphyxiate everyone
Kill in the name of the son
Controlling the minds of a frail kind
The earth is set for damnation
Incinerate all that opposes you
And your bigotry
This is a safety net
Thread together by the fear of death
Burn them
Oblivious to the nature of trust
Crimson is drenched upon millions
You pray to spare your life
And yet we all die


Trapped inside
Seething frustration
Rotting away like the time that I wasted
It’s all I know
Permanent hesitation
I’ve come to peace with it
And I fucking hate it
I’ve wasted so much precious time
Blow out my fucking brains at midnight
I am no longer holding on
Is it too late to shake this feeling
Would things be different if I tried
I’m at the end my time is fleeting
i’m bleeding out lies
My whole life in disguise
The hourglass is tipping
It has fallen on it’s side
No second chance is coming
I have wasted so much time
Is this what happens to all who sit still
Stuck over thinking the past
No turning back I am trapped in this hell
How could this happen so fast
Pierced in my skull are these vile thoughts
Leaving me dreading my life until I rot
Mental collapse is imminent failure
Regret laced with contempt
It’s so familiar
I just like to be inside my head
My thoughts are never ending
Things that fill me up with regret
They are never fading
Over time obsession stirs my head
It just keeps on digging
I always pictured a different end
But I like to day dream


Human extinction
Abrupt suffocation
This is the end of all life as we know it
Revocation of the right to stay alive
We’re better off dead
Bow down before the
The one who will bring peace
By ending prolonging existence
And erase the human race
Bathe the world in flames
Forget each name
Of the lives taken
The world is forsaken
Pollute the world and plague it with fumes
Intoxicate the air they’re breathing
Embrace impending doom
Realize that life has no meaning
We’re all fucking dead
No sign of deliverance
We’re better of dead
No chance we’ll get out of this
Suffering begins and soon all that once lived
Will be nothing more than dust in dirt
Profound feelings of hate surface and bring forth the end
Which I have waited for
Remaining patiently for the end
As bodies all around me just collapse and burn
A mass of worthless beings lay dead on a wasteland
A ground they once walked upon
Termination of humanity
Extinguish all the insanity
Delivered by generations of scum
Erase what they’ve done
Erase one by one
Welcome human extinction
Return to dust
Now that we’re gone
Life doesn’t give a fuck

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